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Matthew has been serving God in full time ministry since the age of 18. For 16 years he travelled the world with the highly esteemed international Christian ministry drama team the Covenant Players, venturing to churches all over India, Africa, New Zealand and the United States, and meeting his wife Ruthmary in the process. Together they have grown their family from 5 children to recently arrived grandchildren. This exposure to locations and cultures from all over the world has given Matthew a heart for worship and a love for all people.

In 2018 Matthew was called from a powerful and transformative time at Burnside City Uniting Church to the congregation here at Spicer, where he has warmly embraced this loving and creative church community. He has a passion for God's word, and loves seeing people come alive in their God-given gifts and callings.

Matthew's hobbies include aviation, classic cars and motorcycles. He owns a 1969 British racing green MGB and a 1974 Triumph Bonneville (he is very good friends with his local mechanic!). Matthew is a qualified pilot and holds an American Private licence and an Australian Recreational Licence. He can often be seen in the skies over the Barossa Valley on his days off, looping the loop and defying the ground.

Piano Restoration

sue harding

Piano, Organ and Messy Church Facilitator

Sue is highly regarded musician and music educator, with a wealth of experience teaching at primary schools through to the highest levels in the state at the University of South Australia. She brings immense talents and passion to our music team, and is the facilitator of our Messy Church program.

Helen Head 2.JPG

helen lloyd

Office Administrator

Helen has been greeting visitors and keeping our church organised and informed for over 20 years. She knows all the ins and outs, ups and downs, and even where the pens are kept!

Green Flower Paper


Playgroup Coordinator
Margaret spent her working life with kids as a school teacher. She has a heart and passion for children, and we're lucky to have her looking after our play group and children's programs

anne wilson

Pastoral Partners Coordinator

Anne is a passionate people person and equally passionate crafter. She also helps keep us informed and up to date with the quarterly publication of the Spicer Matters newsletter

church council

Our church council is the central guiding team for our church

Power of Attorney

pam mcewin

Most weeks you'll see Pam's smiling face at the front door of the church when you first arrive. She's a key member of our welcoming team, and  a mighty fine chef!

Jill Miller Head Shot.JPG

jill miller

Jill is also a veteran member of the music group. She is one of our star singers, and a tennis guru to boot

kate argue

Kate joined us on the Council in 2020.  During the week you will see her at East Adelaide Primary School supporting them as Pastoral Support Worker.

Piano Restoration

sue harding

Sue is part of the music team, helps with the Website and is Messy Church facilitator.

jane-headshots-boem-headshots-adelaide c

jane cooke


Little Mouse

jane allen

Our resident rodent wrangler extraordinaire (fans of the ever popular 'Vermin' character will know what we mean!)


julia lloyd jones

Julia hails from the other side of the world, and has found a home here in Adelaide at Spicer that has kept her here for many years

Warwick Jarrett.jpg

warwick jarrett

Secretary and resident BBQ guru

Man Preparing to Fly a Plane

matthew bond

Our minister and resident pilot

Resource and development committee

Our RAD team keeps Spicer up and running with their loyal behind the scenes work looking after our church facilities.

Brenton Niven.jpg

brenton niven

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brian bentick

0093SpicerOctober copy.jpg

stephen diprose


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malcolm germein

0003SpicerOctober copy.jpg

tony nobbs

0003SpicerOctober copy.jpg

peter wilson


jane-headshots-boem-headshots-adelaide c

jane cooke

Spicer Interior 2_edited.jpg

chris may

Warwick Jarrett.jpg

warwick jarrett