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community lunch

All welcome, 3rd Thursday of every month at 12pm. In current days we bring along our own lunch to eat with friends. 

Discover something new in the process, hearing special guests share their knowledge, life, adventures and experiences. From those with travel tales to local musicians performing, we hear amazing advice or support local and wider communities.

For details of the next Community Lunch please contact Helen at the Church office. 

church dinner

Saturday March 25th 2023 6.30pm
Church Dinner

Spicer brings all the right ingredients to the annual Church Dinner- good food, good company, good times.

We all need those opportunities to dress up a little and go out together. 

quiz nighT

June 16th 2023  7.00pm

Test your quiz skills with friends, family, some nibbles, a beverage and a good laugh.

There's also a silent auction, so keep an eye out for a bargain while you're at it.

church picnic

November 12th 2023 10.30am
Church Picnic

Worship in the open air and follow with a scrumptious picnic in the great outdoors at beautiful Dunstone Grove Amphitheatre in Stepney.

Just bring a blanket, a beverage and some sunscreen.

movie group

Visit classic Adelaide theatres for a film and a fun night out, first Tuesday of the month.  Contact the Church office for details or look out for the notices in weekly Newsletters which can be found here

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